April 30, 2017

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Become a part of the largest network in biophotonics, which will be launched on April 30, 2017 at ICOB2017 in Australia. Leave your email so we can keep you updated about the launch and make sure you are among the first to enjoy all benefits the new network will offer.

About Biophotonics.World

This is the preliminary teaser page of Biophotonics.World. The platform will go online after the launch at ICOB2017 in Australia on April 30, 2017.

Biophotonics.World serves the worldwide Biophotonics Community as a news portal and networking platform. It is a central access point for all information relevant to the field. You will find the latest news, articles, congresses, workshops and events on biophotonics on the platform. On top of that there will be interactive components allowing you to set up your own profile, share content, comment on others’ posts, send private messages and follow other users, organizations as well as key words and hashtags.

Biophotonics.World was initiated by the worldwide consortium Biophotonics4Life, which unites the leading minds in the field of photonic technologies in life sciences across continents. The page is operated by Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena, Germany.

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Project Manager

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Biophotonics.World is official Media Partner of ICOB2017

Continuing the success of the previous meetings held in Sacramento, Ottawa, Jena, and Florence, the 5th conference will come to Perth, Western Australia, running over two full days, and back-to-back with the Science on the Swan medical research conference, which delegates are strongly encouraged to also attend, at discounted rates.

ICOB has a tradition of bringing together opinion leaders in the field to consider where the field is going and what opportunities there are to work together. Key in this goal is end users of biophotonics technologies and this year co-location and running back-to-back with Science on the Swan presents an exceptional opportunity to engage with medical researchers and translators. ICOB will run a Gordon-style single-stream conference with break-out sessions and an emphasis on the participation of junior researchers, and poster-led discussions. There will be an associated exhibition to avail researchers with the chance to discuss the latest commercial technical developments. And there will be opportunities to consider entrepreneurship in Biophotonics.

The conference will be held in Perth’s port and historic cultural centre of Fremantle, providing an ideal venue for offsite events and interactions all within a short walk of the venue, historic Esplanade Hotel. ICOB 2017 will be one to remember – we invite you to be a part of it and look forward to welcoming you to Perth, Western Australia.