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Major update to World of Warcraft

15 Oct | By jannick cooper
Major update to World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft shadowlands

Blizzard released a major update for World of Warcraft. Fans have been waiting for an expansion to the Shadowlands game that may be delayed for some reason. However, Blizzard is preparing for the expansion of World of Warcraft, and today's patch will play a key role in that preparation.

The patch will improve many of the game's current features and may bring some surprises for fans of the series. With this patch, we have the opportunity to revise the game mechanics. So it's a good idea to check how the patch will affect your favorite characters when it goes live on October 13, 2020.

World of Warcraft's Shadowlands Pre-Patch

The Pre-Patcher will be the first major change in the game in almost a decade. The last major change to the game came in 2010, when Rift of the Earth revolutionized the world of Azeroth.

Here is a list of what the Shadowlands Patch will optimize.

Adjustments to level caps and statistical information

The first big change that WOW Classic Gold players will notice are the changes to levels and attributes. When the patch is released later today, the upper limit will be lowered from 120 to 50 (players with level 120 will return to the new upper limit). This change does not mean that you will become weak as the design adapts other aspects of the game to the new limits. However, adjustments to the statistics will affect the way you play the game.

World of Warcraft offers more action for newcomers

You will also notice changes in the upgrade process. With the introduction to the patch you can update the different parts to be played. Previously you had to go through the seven expansions of the game. This feature is helpful for beginners, as most of the old content is outdated and contains only a few features.

Grind less, play more.

The developers have also made changes to the components introduced in previous expansions of the game. Players can return to older parts of the game and face new challenges. The introduction of dynamic levels means you won't expect to go back to earlier parts of the game and farm without challenges. You must plan your strategy just as you did when you first met them.

A fresh start for experienced players

The game gets a new area, the "Exile Range", which can be used by experienced players. If you are below level 10, you can learn to play the game while familiarizing yourself with the game mechanics of World of Warcraft.

New character customization in World of Warcraft

With the new character customization feature you can make your character more unique. The new update does not add as many features as in other RPGs. But you can determine the appearance of your character.


These are some of the biggest changes we will see when the latest patch for World of Warcraft is released.

In addition to these improvements, we will be introducing a mentoring system, changes to achievements, and eligibility for Alliance races. The developers can also add some new events to the game.

The pre-patch will update the popular game and make it more attractive to new players. However, changes will not be displayed immediately. An important patch also brings some new problems into the game. We have already seen this in World of Warcraft.

If you are planning to enter World of Warcraft, you should wait a while and prepare to buy wow classic gold at https://www.ssegold.com/wowclassic-gold. Not only will you get a stable game, but you can also experience the expansion of Shadowlands over time.

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